• Resolution Circle is a training hub that is fully owned by the University of Johannesburg. It prides itself on being able to provide turnkey skills training solutions, across a range of qualification levels.


  • This ranges from providing engineering diploma students with the in-service training or Work Integrated Learning they need to fulfil their academic requirements for graduation, to professional technical training courses to upskill people already in the working environment.


  • With the South African government continuing to put emphasis on rolling out infrastructure - such as with the Strategic Integrated Projects - to create jobs and raise economic growth, there will be a continued requirement for skilled and competent technicians and artisans.


  • Training and skills development activities at Resolution Circle are focused on applied knowledge that provides economic value for the student who needs experience, and the professional who chooses to learn a new skill alike.


  • Apart from offering professional technical training courses to upskill people already in the working environment, Resolution Circle further offers workshops and experiential training programmes aimed at giving the youth the experience needed to bridge the gap between their existing skills and capabilities and the requirements of today's workplace. We also offer
    4IR Courses as our flagship. Courses Range from Robotics, Internet of Things, Raspberry PI & Arduino.


  • The short learning courses are paid for, either by the students themselves, or more often their employer or sector education and training authority (SETA), while the latter are funded through corporate sponsorships.


  • The benefit for corporate sponsors is that it assists them with Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) compliance, while they can even claim back a percentage of this expenditure against their skills development levy payments over the course of the financial year. This applies whether they send their own employees for upskilling, or if they sponsor learners with their workshop and experiential training programmes.


  • Resolution Circle’s mission is to be the training partner of choice to industry and to create a long-term professional and consistent relationship with learners, industry and employers.  


  • Resolution Circle’s vision is to be at the forefront of transforming the technical training industry through quality and industry-focused training, and to provide the skills that are relevant to industry’s future demand.


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