Vision & Mission


 To be the preferred technical skills and business development academy in South Africa


To facilitate and/or host accredited technical learning interventions as well as business support services in a financially viable and self sustainable manner so as to meet the human and social capital  requirements of all its key stakeholders including community beneficiaries and its strategic commercial partners, thereby contributing to the their growth, profitability and general upliftment.


In striving to meet its vision and mission, EBDA will uphold the following values and principles:

    1. Adherence to successful business principles and corporate governance
    2. Professional & quality service delivery of required results at all times
    3. Integrity in all dealings
    4. Maintaining and actively promoting the dignity and respect of all individuals
    5. Transparent communication with, and involvement by, key stakeholders
    6. To have the courage to stay informed, challenge, innovate, change and make a difference!


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