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One of the central themes running through Vuselela was the need to take ownership of your own renewal process and to be self reliant. Best Life is a strategy aimed at re-inforcing and supporting this concept. So whereas Vuselela aims to create an environment for people to be successful, Best Life aims at providing employees with the support structures to achieve this.

The logo or mascot we chose for Best Life was a peacock that boasts about its achievements and displays all his feathers as an act of pride!

In designing the concept we did not want to tie people up in further workshops. Rather we looked for a medium that would give us a fun, entertaining yet powerful way of getting the message across. To this end we commissioned the making of a DVD that focused on three parts as follows:

  1. Financial literacy and taking charge of your personal financial future
  2. Career, development and personal employability
  3. Personal health and wellness

The script for the DVD was written in the form of a simple soap opera that covers characters that are experiencing problems in each of the three areas listed above. On the other hand one character has achieved success in these areas and he is represented as the peacock! Each of the sections is interspersed with a commercial that features the parrot and the peacock in animated form.

The entire DVD is cast in the form of the Business News Network format with the CEO being interviewed at the beginning. A copy of the DVD is provided.

The DVD ends with viewers being invited to contact their HR department or the Best Life team for counselling and advisory support in a comprehensive range of needs. To this end we have contracted with ICAS to provide an onsite counselling and advisory service for all staff and their families. 

Best Life was launched on the 23rd May. The launch was hosted by the CEO and various dignitaries were invited including all major stakeholders. A series of 2 hour introductory workshops are currently being rolled out throughout the organisation at which employees will be shown and given a copy of the DVD and at which they will also be introduced to the ICAS services on offer.


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